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Wizard Of Oz Slot

Wizard of Oz slot machine review


The Wizard of Oz slot machine gives you the opportunity to follow your own digital version of the Yellow Brick Road, and with each and every single click of a button on this digital slot machine used in the chance of winning a significant jackpot and a real fortune – especially thanks to the simplified game mechanics and inventive pay lines.

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General Overview


Of all the different digital slot machine options available out there to pick and choose from today, many consider the Wizard of Oz slot machine to be one of the most fun and exciting slot machines to play – and it’s really easy to see why.

First of all, people are very connected to the Wizard of Oz in general, and those that are big fans of the movies or plays are going to be really excited to get the chance to play a slot machine set in the same universe.

Secondly, the action is fast-paced and quick moving, and around every corner free spins, bonus rounds, WILD symbols, and progressive jackpots exist.

Finally, the gameplay is relatively simple and straightforward compared to some of the other options out there and that’s going to bring a lot of people into all of the action that the Wizard of Oz slot machine has to offer.




From a gameplay perspective, there’s a lot to fall in love with when it comes to this particular game.

For starters, you’re going to have five different reels in 30 different pay lines available to place wagers on rather than the overly complex 15 reels and incalculable pay line options that are cluttering up the digital slot machine world today.

On top of that, the control scheme is simplified and straightforward, there’s tips to place the most intelligent wagers available if you want them, and with all of the special features and bonuses we will touch on in just a moment you always have a chance at a significant jackpot.




You won’t feel like you are in Kansas anymore when you are playing the Wizard of Oz slot machine, that’s for sure!

This game is going to transport you into the world of the Wizard of Oz in a way that is totally immersive, completely fun, and filled with adventure and excitement while you play the slot machine. On top of that (as we have highlighted above) you’re also going to get access to a simplified control scheme and play style that won’t ever detract from the experience.




Bonuses are plenty in the slot machine, and though they aren’t the same kinds of bonus symbols you’re probably used to see (they are instead based on iconic elements from the movie) they still have the same functionality.

Free spins are available, bonus rounds are available, WILD symbols pop up from time to time, and great jackpots – including progressive jackpots – are always just around the corner.


Special Features


This game has been specifically optimized for mobile and on the go slot machine action. You’ll be able to play the Wizard of Oz slot machine no matter where you find yourself, so long as your phone or tablet has an active web connection.

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Final Verdict


There’s definitely a reason why so many people go so crazy for the slot machine, and it’s not just because of the fact that the Wizard of Oz is such a popular movie. The gameplay is awesome, the pace lightning fast, and the potential for big jackpots always exists.

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