Siberian Storm

Progressive Slot Siberian Storm

Siberian storm mega jackpots review

The 720 ways payline slot game is hugely popular and especially in Las Vegas. One can either choose to play online for free or bet some cash. The slot game was developed by IGT and now available in most Casinos. One can easily make excess of £1m.

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Two options to win the Siberian storm mega jackpots

There is the center win line where one needs to land 5 Mega Jackpot. Situated on the top right is a progressive ticker from which the jackpot paid is shown.

Random drawing

This is the second option whereby one spins non-visible drawing. In other words, this is a behind-the -scene kind of play. Those who take part in this second option usually get a telephone call from the casino if they win. There is an allowance of 3 days in which the win is to be validated.

Most players expect the 5 Mega jackpot symbols on other win lines do not lead to progressive jackpot; one has an increased chance of reaping huge sums of money. The playing stake is the major determinant, the value of which will be displayed on the payable.

Siberian Wilderness

The Siberian storm mega jackpots are based on the Siberian wilderness. It features amazing graphics and a flawless game play .one has an elevated c hence to win from the 720 combination. You only need 50 coins and above that are activated.

How the game is played

To start with, one presses the ‘start’ button and the reels start to spin. An active win line is realized the instance ,when any of the massive  720 combinations  land on an active win line .The other option that you will have is simply to use the 720 way feature that is shown on the payable.

Getting the larger winning combination

The use of wilds  will definitely give you higher chance of  winning ,though they aren’t as promising as  a round of free spin bonus .To illustrate this point better, imagine having landing 5 bonus scatter symbol in view . You will have up to 8 free spins. The fact that they are scattered means that you will be able to land more than the 5 scatter. The free spin amounts could vary but the potential increases to a dizzying 96 spins which are completely free!

Free spins retrigger

The reels get richer in the game play and particularly when the wilds are stacked. One will have several winning combinations. There is the option of retriggering the free spins for up to a record breaking spins of 240. Just as the base game, these free spins offer one the chance for the mega jackpot’s progressive. This however offers a lower percentage than the non-progressive slot games.

Multiday extra feature

One advantage with this feature is that it allows you to pay in either ways.

How to increase your winning chances

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You can thus increase you win chances by betting more and more. They odds will be higher when you use the scatter wins as well as the stacked wilds. A typical scenario is when you have 8 free spins at your disposal. With second round of spinning, they will come to 16, then 32…all the way to the Mega Jackpot Progressive. There is also that golden chance to retrigger the bonus spins several times over.

Siberian storm mega jackpot review

With a single play, you could easily change your life by winning Mega Jackpot. Slots like Cleopatra enable you win big with your bet. It has been hailed as one of the best by IGT, if the reviews by the online players is anything  to go by.



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