Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Slot Machine

Have Great Fun With Pick n Mix

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Are you a UK resident who is looking for a superlative online slots experience? If so, you'll benefit from discovering Rainbow Riches Pick Mix Slot. This popular video game is easy to find online and playing it will allow you to experience casino-style slots action from your mobile device or home computer. Today, we'd like to share more information about all that this game provides…

Access Tons of In Game Fun Features

If you want to enjoy some fun gaming, you'll love all of the features found in Rainbow Riches Pick Mix Slot. For example, there is a bonus called Road to Riches which will allow you to move up a virtual path when you spin the virtual wheel. When you travel upwards, you'll win more.

As well, there is a bonus called Cash Crop which is exclusive and new. The bonus features a grouping of fifty coins which have blank faces or have multipliers. Once you play a round, you'll have the capacity to move onward and vie for even larger multipliers.

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Another fun bonus feature is Free Spins. Search for three spins or more via reels. It's possible to access thirty free spins when you spot five of these powerful symbols.

Also, there is a whimsical bonus called the Magic Toadstool. Choose one of twenty-four toadstools and you'll be able to grab money or get a fairy of your very own. If you do get this fairy, you'll be granted three more picks.

The last fun feature is pots of gold. These pots come in silver, gold and bronze and they are almost always spinning. When the spinning stops, you'll see arrows which direct towards particular pots. Then, you'll access multipliers.

Winning is so much easier with these excellent bonuses available.

This slots games has an Irish vibe. If you love all things Irish, from St. Patrick's Day to naughty limericks and beyond, you'll find that Rainbow Riches Pick Mix Slot has the look and feel that you prefer. It's popular because lots of people love Irish themes. Those who have a little Irish blood, or a lot, may gravitate towards this game. However, it's really popular with everyone, regardless of heritage.

Access Personalised Slots Enjoyment

Some slots games don't allow people to select the bonus rounds that they prefer to play for, before they take the plunge and hit the “spin” button. This one is different. It does offer you choices and this is why it offers personalised performance. Select from five rounds for bonuses and then select up to a trio that you wish to play for. If you choose a single bonus it'll come up more often while you play the game.

Do You Have the Luck of the Irish?

This game first made an appearance at Sky Vegas. This huge casino is an online institution, so many people who wondered whether or not they had “the luck of the Irish” found out while they tried Rainbow Riches Pick Mix Slot. The first version of the game was released way back in 2006. This updated version has more perks, as well as the traditional game elements that Rainbow Riches fans love best.

In this game, there is a Leprechaun with a name that no one can guess. You may be the first to name this impish creature.

This Slots isĀ  a Premium Barcrest Slot

Some online slots games just don't have superb design. They are not that great in terms of thrilling players and giving them the game experiences that they want, as well as access to impressive winnings. If you want more form slots action, you'll probably love this game. It is highly-rated, it provides a lot of bonuses and personalisation options and it's designed to give users the ultimate in slots fun, without any downside.

Now that you know more about this game, why not check it out online. It's available at Sky Vegas, as well as a lot of other online casinos. If you're in the UK, look for an online casino which caters to UK players. When you do, you'll have the right options at your disposal.

This new version of Rainbow Riches is extremely popular for a good reason. It's fun and offers fast-paced action.

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