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The Psycho slot machine is inspired from its namesake film, the Alfred Hitchcock classic that has not only been remade but has inspired filmmakers, writers, cinematographers and even background scorers around the world. While Psycho had shaken up the world of cinema while Hitchcock’s personal life was in jeopardy, the slot machine inspired by the film doesn’t really shatter or stir the world of slots or online casino.

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To say that Psycho is a mildly entertaining slot machine would be unfair because it has its elements. Being a thriller at its crux with a gruesome murder and elements of horror, Psycho provides ample foundation as an original story for the developers of the slot to make the premise interesting. The developers succeed at setting up the eerie scene. There is a sense of tension in the design, the animation is impressive and the sound effects are reasonably good. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have much room for improvisation because the original film is so tightly scripted. There aren’t too many elements to toy with and only a limited scope exists in the main plot.

Psycho slot features the titular character in a symbol. There is the secluded haunted mansion with the eerie backdrop and there is the knife as well as several wilds. The slot also has a stacked wild and the animation at this juncture specifically is quite nice. Developed by Nextgen Gaming, Psycho slot is clearly aimed at Hitchcock fans and everyone who has loved the film in particular over the years. You would certainly get a tad nostalgic about the game with its setting and mood but then you would have to face the reality of the slot being a lackluster at rewards.

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The graphics are alright, the animations are decent and the sound is good. The game itself is efficient but forget progressive jackpots, there is little to win. The game has no lag and you can play it for free too. But should you wish to put in your money, the odds of winning are toweringly stacked against you. The slot has five reels and twenty five paylines. You can get free spins, re-spins and there are wilds as well as bonus features. There are scatter symbols that will trigger the free spins should you get two or more of those.

The problem is you may end up losing most of your money till you get to the scatters or any worthwhile re-spins, bonus or special winning combinations. It is a volatile game. Given the fact all online casino games or slots are volatile this one will get singled out because of the lack of any sumptuous jackpot. You can choose to lose some money if there is a brighter and greener pasture on the other side to look forward to. However, Psycho does has its reasonable rewards should you choose to continue playing. And if you are lucky to hit the multiplier with the wilds then you are in for a treat. It is the time you would have to spend to get there is what will discourage many.

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