Monopoly Rising Riches Slot Machine

Monopoly – Rising Riches Slot Machine Review


Monopoly – Rising Riches Slot Machine

This is a Monopoly slot game brought to you by Gamesys. This is one of the slots that you can play in the original online Monopoly Casino. It is an exclusive variation of this kind of online casino games which brings many additions and possibilities available only in Monopoly Casino, which offers 30 free spins for a £10 bet. A 5 reel and 25 pay line slot will not disappoint you even though it doesn't have a massive jackpot like some of the available versions, but it does have one outstanding feature that will rain with cash all over the reels.

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The design is very simplistic, yet appealing. Background of the reels is quite unusual and refreshing – town buildings rise behind the reels in pale green – the color of money. Iconic figures are an inevitable part of any online Monopoly slot, but here they are the dominant cards. Their design is very good, with barely seen graphics on the side, creating a sense of elegance. Another card taken from the original board game is Free Parking. Other icons like Money Stack or Gambling Dice have a beautiful design, but not so good as formerly described icons. There is a very creative way for multiplication named Property Meter, whose benefits will be described later. Regarding its design, it is interesting, emphasizing the size once you progress and it is placed on the left side of the reels. General impression leads to the conclusion that the goal is to reach elegance through design and make prize-winning highlighted with the unique feature we are going to describe in the following section.

Gameplay, features, and bonuses

Let's start with already mentioned Property Meter. This feature enables multipliers which are rising once you win two or more wins on a single spin. Reaching the top of the meter will earn you a constant multiplier which will not move and will be there for every single turn! This is a multiline slot, which means that your prize is equal to selected coin size multiplied with some paylines. The minimal bet is 1p and maximal £2. You can find Wilds (Free Parking icon) and Scatter cards (Gambling Dice icon) all over the place, but what will truly impress you is the Raining Reels feature. This feature enables the cascade switch of winning line cards. The switch is active until the new winning line is created. This feature can bring you from 2x to 20+x coin multiplication. Although the prizes don't seem so spectacular, the RTP is quite high, over 95%. You should explore this slot and see all of its possibilities for yourself. Scatter and Wild combo are always a good thing in any slot, and we need to emphasize that this slot has both of them and it can bring you fabulous amounts.

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Final Words

This is another fun slot to play, but the overall impression is not outstanding. It is good, but there is no “spark,” so to say. The game is good, prizes are great, but other versions will make you more enthusiastic. We do believe that this is not due to a poor game, but rather to simplistic design which is “too simple” for an average slot player. The primary feature Raining Reels is innovative and thrilling, as well as the Property Meter, which catches your attention right away. Some progressive jackpot would also be a great addition. Still, don't rely purely on our review. Try it out and see if it fits you better than other games.

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