Monopoly Mega Movers Slot Machine

Monopoly Mega Movers slots

Monopoly – Mega Movers Slot Machine Review


Monopoly – Mega Movers Slot Machine

Moves that you make in this Monopoly slot game can be gigantic like the ones of a T-rex, which, by the way, can bring you some serious bucks as well! Introduction which instantly drives you to try out those Directional Wilds and Wheel Feature gives a fantastic first impression. The game itself is stashed with simple, yet stunning details that provide the unique tone that you can't find in any other Monopoly casino game. Rich bonuses, free spins, and few other surprises will blow your mind and fill your pocket, so read a bit more about it in the next few paragraphs.

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The effort put into this casino game design is astonishing. At the very beginning, you see a message with pictures which are presenting real slot situations and explanations of possible benefits. This is a perfect way of introducing the game and also explicit and practical instruction, creating sweet expectations without even starting the game! The game has five reels and 30 paylines. You can find iconic playing figures among the cards, but also new figures that have been recently added to Monopoly crew, like The Cat, The Duck, but also The Penguin and the long-awaited T-Rex, which are even coo-staring the title representation with Mr. Monopoly. The active moving background makes spin the wheels, but it can also win you a prize if you get in on the reels, which is a great addition. Three moving wheels (green, yellow and red, each bigger than the former), are peeking behind the reels, waiting to award you with huge prizes. Extra bet feature will glow your figures up, spin them and make the whole parade when winning. Wild expansion in various directions is designed flawlessly. To keep it short – you will love all the details and little additions hidden in every corner of this Monopoly casino game.

Gameplay, features, and bonuses

Abundant paytable presents so many possibilities that it will spin your head like those wheels behind the reels. For three Trains, Battleships, Cars or Top Hats you can win a 5x multiplication, which is the smallest one in this slot game. If you match 5 Mr. Monopoly cards, you will get the 250x multiplication. This might seem humble, but there are so many unique features and hidden bonuses that will change the impression that you get when reading this. As mentioned before, even the background can win you something! The activate Wheels features, which can multiply your prizes in various ways, which is explained in detail in the Paytable. Expanding Wilds is one of the main prizes on the Wheel. The Wild will extend across one field in the direction of a Golden Arrow. The more Arrows there are, the more Wild multiplications you get. There are five jackpots you can claim on the Wheels, and those are Mini, Minor, Major, Mega, and Grand jackpot, creating a broad range of possibilities from filling your pockets with more prizes. You can set auto betting to stop at specific Win rate or at specific Lose rate, which is also a handy addition. The auto spin button has even options for up to 200 auto spins. This shows you that creators even thought about the ones that don't want to bother to track the game, but rather claim that massive prizes we talked about earlier.

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Final Words

The overall impression is – this slot game rocks! Engaging, complete and generous, Mega Movers genuinely move the needle when it comes to user experience and meeting expectations.
Mr. Monopoly's animated moves sealed the deal, so simple and clear – this is the best and most monopoly slots variation you can play online.

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