Monopoly City Spins Slot Machine

Monopoly City Spins slots

Monopoly City Spins Slot Machine Review


Monopoly City Spins Slot Machine

Prepare to have your head spinning like a roller coaster in this Monopoly slot game, cause it will make you fuzzy once you see how much cash you can win. If you are searching for detailed online casino game with many surprises and hidden bonuses in the pocket, then this is the slot for you. Although maximum coin size is set to £1.5, you will see that plenty of possibilities will fill your account with huge prizes that can reach tremendous £10.000 (told you to get ready)! Now, let's dive into a more detailed review of the game.

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Gamesys did a pretty good job when it comes to designing this variation of the favorite slot title, giving it bright and refreshing graphics while keeping the central theme on the spot. The background is a graphic representation of London, with all essential landscapes, while cards and icons on the reels are things that can be found it the city (that's where the title comes from). Some of the cards are moving when you hit a win line, which is a great addition. The music fits the standard Monopoly theme. They paytable doesn't have great design, but it is rather extensive and fact-filled, since it has a lot to show and give, so this is not a critique if you see it from that perspective. The greatest thing in the whole slot is Board Bonus, which enables a whole another dimension of the game located on the original board and hopefully, you will try it for yourself so you can get the whole extravagant impression. Nice, clean and modern reels and cards surely give an idea of urban life and updated slot experience.

Gameplay, features, and bonuses

This is a standard five reel/25 paylines slot. What is not standard is the number of various awards you can get if you hit it right, like Board Bonus, Wild Reels or Moving Reels for example. Board Bonus is a big one since it is needed to activate possible property prizes and Reels Bonuses. Once you get it, you roll the dice and collect as many properties as you can (doubles enable another roll). This is so creatively done that every card has either a bonus, free dice rolls or spins, or specific actions. Some of them either end your Board Bonus or prolonged it, like Go to Jail/Get out of Jail cards (the last one you can win as an addition if you get a Chance or a Community Chest card). Every single property has specifically defined award, multiplier or a free spin. The most valuable ones bring Moving Reels Bonus and Wild Bonus. Moving Reels bonus gives you 3 Wilds that are always on the reels and move along the way. Wild Reels Bonus makes the whole reel Wild in the selected spin. Get familiar with the generous paytable, and we are sure you will take the most out of this Monopoly online slot since its RTP is 95,72 %.

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Final Words

This monopoly online casino game is created on the whole another level. With an entirely different design and concept, it will catch your attention and fill your pockets sooner than you think. Also, taking the most out of the original game, yet making it modern and urban gives a whole impression a cheery on the top. You should not miss this one, and we assure you that an extensive paytable only goes into your favor. All you have to do is spin the wheels, or roll the dice if you win that creative bonus of theirs and you are in for a treat!

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