Monopoly Big Event Slot

Monopoly Big Event Slot Overview

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You sure aren’t the only person that’s ever dreamed of playing Monopoly for real, pulling down a tremendous amount of money every time someone landed on one of your properties, purchasing Boardwalk and landing a hotel there, or collecting $200 every time you past “Go”.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t ever going to have the opportunity to do any of that in the real world – unless of course we are playing the Monopoly Big Event slot machine game. That’s when all bets are off – or on, as the case may be!

One of the most ingenious online slot machine games you’ll have the opportunity to play these days, there’s a lot to fall in love with going you are playing the Monopoly Big Event slot machine and not very much to disagree with.

The developers behind this title have pulled out all of the stops to clearly articulate the kind of Monopoly aesthetic most people are looking for and the underlying gameplay – and potential to win a tremendous amount of money – definitely exists.

Check out our quick review for the Monopoly Big Event slot machine title and decide for yourself whether or not it seems right for you.

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Currently the ONLY legitimately licensed Monopoly gambling title you’re going to find at any digital casino, the Monopoly Big Event slot machine is the kind of game that you can play for hours and hours just because of the way that it looks.

Everything about this game, from the top right down to the bottom, feels like the old board game that most of us have already falling in love with, though many of these elements have been co-opted to produce one of the best looking digital slot machines that’s come out in the last few years.

You’ll find Mr. Moneybags all over this game, as well as your favourite little icons that you used to play with on the board game – including the race car AND the thimble!

The general look and feel of the game is something that you’re really going to appreciate, and it’s definitely going to leave you wanting to play the original board game (if you can round up enough people to do so)!

Great Slot Game Play-ability


From a pure play-ability standpoint, the Monopoly Big Event slot machine is going to encourage you to take the same kind of aggressive and risk chasing behaviour that works so well in the traditional Monopoly game to land the significant jackpots that the slot machine has to offer.

You are going to have to spend a little bit more recklessly than you might with more traditional online slot machines, because the overwhelming majority of the worthwhile pay lines are going to require you to put out a bit more cash up front before they allow you to nail the kind of sizeable jackpot that you are likely after.

At the same time, those that are a little bit more cautious about their place title are still going to have the opportunity to get into the mix with the Monopoly Big Event slot machine game, especially if you hit any of the great bonuses that the title provides.

Fun, Bonuses And Great In Features


There are quite a few different bonuses that you will be able to land on while you are playing the Monopoly Big Event slot machine, but the multipliers and the free spin offers are where you’re going to want to focus the majority of your attention.

Multipliers have the opportunity to shoot your jackpots through the roof, improving the return on your wager by as much as 5000 times its initial value and sometimes even more than that. Free play opportunities are littered all across the different pay lines that you have the chance to get in on, so make sure that you play at least a couple of different lines every time you throw down a spin.

Mr Bets Final Verdict


Monopoly has continued to be one of the most beloved games of all time for a reason, and it’s likely always going to be one of the most exciting games people continued to place a long as board games exist.

But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, something a bit outside of the box, but something that still has a solid foundation in the familiar, you’ll want to check out the Monopoly Big Event slot machine just as soon as you have the chance to.

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