Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Slot Machine

Monopoly - Once Around Deluxe slots

Monopoly – Once Around Deluxe Slot Machine Review


Monopoly – Once Around Deluxe Slot Machine

If you are a fan of the original Monopoly board game, we assure you that you will love this variation of Monopoly slot games available online. There are plenty of authentic Monopoly elements present that bring up the nostalgic note and urgency to claim some prizes. Likewise, you will find the most of the usual happy charms and surprises available here, like the Community Chest and Chance, but more on that later. The important thing is that you can get up to the 200x multiplication of your bet and win some serious cash here. Now, onto the main things that you should pay attention to.

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The design of the whole slot game will impress you, since there are so many details that are perfected to the very end, as the leading icons of the well know board game – Boot, Car, and Dog. There are also the great utility properties – Electricity and Water, which are made in the same way you can find it in the first versions of the board game, but with some extra accent and glow, like any slot card should have. Free Parking and Railway Station kept the original design with additional touch-ups. Scatters – Chance and Chest Card get the attention when they appear since they are highlighted with the golden and orange background. Paytable is simplistic, yet practical and well organized. All icons are explained, as well as the properties you can run into and their values once the houses are added. All in all – simple, effective and attractive, as any slot should look like.

Gameplay, features, and bonuses

You can win some decent prizes in this Monopoly slot variation. Let's start with the most familiar ones – The Boot can bring you multiplications in the following order: 0.20 (3x) 0.75 (4x) and 5.00 (5x), the Dog will win you 0.40 (3x), 1.00 (4x) and 6.00 (5x) while the Car gets you 0.50 (3x), 1.25 (4x) and 7.00 (5x). Now, the utilities from Monopoly will make you happy even in the casino game, since Water and Electricity can give you 0.10 (3x), 0.50 (4x) and 1.00 (5x). You gotta love the Free Parking here since it even pays you for staying! Land on it and you will get 0.15, 0.50 or 1.50 for spinning three, four or five of them. Whats even better is that Railway Station gets you the same multiplications as Free Parking, so enjoy your rides, since they will earn you some money! The royal pair from the game – the Dice and the Ring can win you multiplication as follows: The Ring brings 0.15 for three, 0.75 for four and 2.00 for five starch, while Dice earns you 0.05 for two, 0.10 for three, 0.50 for four and 2.50 for five in a row. Two great Scatters – the Community Chest and the Chance – will offer you tremendous multiplications. You can win 0.75 for three, 3.00 for four and amazing 30.00 for five! The last, but not the least is Mr. Monopoly himself. As a Wild Card he brings not one, but two possibilities. He can carry multiplications from 2.00 to astonishing 200.000 for five in a row or he can changer any missing game symbol except Scatter Cards and Bonus ones.

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Final Words

You will find this Monopoly slot very appealing, since it doesn't shine like others, but it has a whole different glow and charm. Also, prizes are great; card values are well organized, with the accent on central Monopoly figures. Definitely one of the better variations that you can find and play online. The fact that it can be played for real money is another bonus.

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