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Kiss Slot Machine First Impressions

There’s one complete game changing feature that helps separate the KISS slot machine from the rest of the pack, and that’s the fact that this slot machine is first ever to take advantage of COLOSSAL REELS.

This special feature is one of the most exciting new advancements in the world of online gambling, and it has people literally pouring into the KISS slot machines at every online casino that has them like nothing anyone else has ever seen before.

Seriously. This is as close to the gold rush online as anything we’ve ever come across before, and it’s because there’s so many different opportunities to hit it big with a major jackpot.

Dive into all the inside information we have to offer you in this quick guide and decide for yourself if the KISS slot machine is right for you!

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Play-ability Of This Rocking Slot

Designed by one of the best slot machine makers in the world, the KISS slot machine is the crown jewel in the WMS library and quickly becoming one of the most popular video slots on the planet right now.

After launching in Vegas during the 12th annual Global Gaming Expo this game has swept the globe, and is now at home in literally hundreds of traditional casinos the world over – and thousands of online casinos catering to millions and millions more.

Offer 5 reels with 100 pay lines for you to take advantage of, the KISS slot machine is both simple and straightforward for those that are just getting started while still offering plenty of complexity for those that want a bit of a challenge.

Casual gamers and high rollers both will find something to really appreciate about the KISS slot machine, that’s for sure!

Great Bonuses to Take Advantage Of

Aside from the obvious bonus of being able to rock out to tons and tons of KISS songs while you play (all fully licensed from the band), you’ll be able to hit it big with the help of multiple bonuses while you’re spinning.

Standard bonuses like multipliers and free spins are pretty common, but land any of the WILD bonuses and you’ll change the payout completely. Combine this with the COLOSSAL REELS and you’ll be able to boost your payout by 2,000% or more.

Getting rich while playing the KISS slot machine is definitely a possibility, and it’s all thanks to these new bonuses and game-play features.

Player Eligibility

The only way that US players are going to be able to check out everything that the KISS slot machine has to offer is if they visit a traditional casino that has the game on the premise.

Even though millions and millions of people all over the world are able to get in on the gambling action offered by online casinos, as of yet there’s just no real potential for US based players to enjoy the same kind of game-play.

There are obviously workarounds to get past this geo-specific lock-down, and Google is your best friend in that department, and if you’re lucky enough to find another casino that will let you play you’ll have to check out the KISS slot machine ASAP.

Cashing Out Options

Cashing out is just as easy as getting your deposit registered with the folks behind the KISS slot machine – all you have to do is move funds to your casino account and you’re good to go. From there you can do anything you like with the money that you have available.

Some online casinos that are running the KISS slot machine will let you withdraw money right from the game itself, but that’s something that you’ll have to look into further before you dive right in.

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Mr Bets Final Verdict

Perhaps the best ever video slot machine based off of licensed content, the KISS slot machine is going to not only provide you with hours and hours of fund but also the potential to cash in big time. Hit a pay line (or a handful of pay lines) on a COLOSSAL REEL and you’ll be rolling in the dough for sure.

Simple enough for newbies to get into without pandering to more experienced players, the KISS slot machine game really does have something for everyone. Check it out just as soon as you get the chance.

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