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Casino games that take advantage of licensed content from some of the biggest rock stars on the planet are nothing new. The folks behind KISS have been licensing their content for decades, slapping themselves on all kinds of games that have been played in traditional casinos as well as the ones you will find online.

But one of the newest and most exciting digital slot machine games to hit the market in the last few years is the one that features one of the most iconic 1980s hair bands of all time, and the Guns N Roses slot machine is really starting to get people excited about new slot machine technology!

Engineered from the ground up to take advantage of some pretty new and exciting features, not to mention designed to leverage exclusive artwork, exclusive songs and tracks, and a whole host of proprietary content not available anywhere else, the Guns N Roses slot machine game is one that you aren’t going to forget about anytime soon.

This is definitely a slot you are going to want to try out at least once – and that’s all it’s going to take to get you hooked!

Great Rockin' Design

Created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the formation of this classic rock band, the Guns N Roses slot machine game takes advantage of new innovation technology, new underlying slot machine game elements, and some of the most impressive play-ability features we’ve ever seen in this kind of setup.

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With five different reels to play and 20 different pay lines to bet a cross, the overall design and look of this Guns N Roses slot machine setup isn’t going to be all that different than the kind of action that you’re used to from these style of video slot machine games.

It’s the innovations, the graphics, and the inclusion of classic tracks from this band that really help this game to set itself apart from the rest of the pack, and that’s where you’re going to be captivated by everything that it has to offer.

Amazing Play-ability

Friendly enough for the interns to play but definitely more catered towards those that have played slot machines at least a little bit in the past, players are going to fall in love with the play-ability of the Guns N Roses slot machine setup – especially if they fancy themselves high rollers or anything even close.

Maximum bets are going to include some pretty significant stakes that can have you swimming in cash, and if you land on any of the major jackpots – especially after scoring some of the bonuses that we are going to describe in just a moment – you might not have to worry about money for a long, long time.

Playing this game for longer amounts of time is easy, specifically because the inclusion of the audio library from this band. Different tracks are going to play at different times, and as you play you’re going to feel like you are rocking out at one of the band’s concerts – though you get front row seats this time!

Fun, Features and Bonuses

The different bonuses that the Guns N Roses slot machine game offers are pretty standard across the board (free spins, auto plays, and WILD bonuses), but the ones that you are going to want to try and cross your fingers for are going to include the play line multipliers.

Land one of your many bets on this kind of multiplier and you’ll be able to shoot your winnings to the roof, to the point where your jackpot is almost unbelievably large. The opportunity to win big cash through this game definitely exists and that’s the biggest allure aside from the musical elements the Guns N Roses slot machine game offers.

Mr Bets Final Verdict

When push comes to shove, there may be other slot machines out there that offer a bit simpler game-play or a bit more streamlined experience, but none of them bring the musical aspect of the Guns N Roses slot machine title to the table like this one does.

If you are looking to rock out while you gamble, especially over a longer amount of time, or if you have been a fan of the band for any amount of time you absolutely have to check out everything that the Guns N Roses slot machine game has to offer.

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