The Fruit Warp Slot

The Fruit Warp Slot Machine

The Fruit Warp Slot Review

Developed by Thunderkick, Fruit Warp is definitely not a standard video slot. With no reels and pay lines and no wild and scatter symbols, it does not seem like a video slot at all; at least not the video slots we are all used to. When you load the Fruit Warp Slot for the first time, you’ll probably have some doubt, since there aren’t any ordinary symbols. But when you start playing it, you will definitely get to love this fruity slot. The key is to get three same fruits or more in which case you will unlock the Fruit Mode that gives you the chance to multiply your win.

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Floating Fruits Design

This colorful fruit-themed video slot has a truly original design. Its light green background gets interspersed with various fruit accompanied by small bubbles as the player hits the spin button. Nine pieces of different floating fruit appear and disappear from the background, which gives out the fun interesting look to this video slot. As for the soundtrack, it coordinates with the fruity atmosphere with its light tinkling sound, followed by fun chime sounds when the player hits the winning combinations. Also, when you hit the win, the amount of total win will appear on the screen. The symbols include nine pieces of different fruits (cherries, plums, strawberries, bananas, oranges, grapes, dragon fruit, star fruit and kiwanos), each of which carries its own value (dragon fruit carries the highest pay, whereas cherries have the lowest pay value). All in all, the fun colorful design with the bunch of floating fruits and jingly sounds are traits that will not disappoint you as you start playing this untraditional video slot.

AutoPlay and Other Options

This video slot has an Auto Play option which you’ll find at the right bottom corner. This option allows the player to specify the number of available automatic game rounds of 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and the amazing 5000. All you need to do is to choose the number of rounds, hit the spin button and watch the fruits appear and disappear. You can also cancel the auto spin, by hitting the stop button. Furthermore, right next to the Auto spin button, there is the option for specifying your bet value (from 0.10 up to 100). Along with these options, there is the option for turning the sound effects off or on, and the buttons which open the windows with information about pay table and game rules.

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Win Combinations and Bonus Features

It’s a no-brainer, hit 3 of the same kind anywhere on the screen and you will win the prize. But if you get 4 same symbols, that gives you the chance for the bigger win. In other words, 4 symbols of the same kind grants you a portal re-spin of other 5 symbols that do not match, replacing them randomly with new symbols, which hopefully helps you hit at least 5 of a kind in order to reach the Fruit Mode Bonus, which is a kind of a free spins bonus.
Fruit Modes are unlocked by 5 or more symbols of the same kind, in which case a Warp Meter appears at the bottom of the screen. The Warp Meter contains steps, multipliers and extra lives (all these depend on the kind of the fruit). In the Fruit Mode, you get 1 new re-spin when at least 1 symbol matches the Fruit Mode symbol unless the Warp Meter is full (if you don’t get at least 1 matching symbol, then the bonus will end). As long as you get matching symbols, you will progress on the Warp Meter, which has typically 3 multipliers you can reach. Sometimes a heart (an extra life) will be added in there as well, which can save you in case you have a spin without new matching fruit. The Fruit Mode feature ends when you don’t hit the matching symbol, you are out of lives or when you have reached the last multiplier on the Warp Meter. All winnings that are collected within the Fruit Mode will be added to your total win and will be multiplied by the multiplier you end up with. It may sound confusing, but when you start playing the slot you will quickly and easily grasp all the rules and you will enjoy all the entertainment that this video slot offers.

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