Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play


The Dual play slot machine

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The new version of the game has double pay lines what was in the original game. This is yet another IGT product that have wowed gamers with incredible  treasures .If you would like to play this  game for free and enjoy it ,all that  you have  to do is to download to your desktop. This version has 40 pay lines and 2 tumbling reels. For a high variance game play, the dual slot 40 pay line is the way to go.

The game features the thumbing reels which are triggered by the all winning combinations. Once this happens, the reels disappear and in their place will be taken over by new symbols. These new ones will once again tumble and with it comes potential winning plays. Once the winning combinations are exhausted, the feature will cease to be activated.

The Tumble Thru is one other interesting feature the dual play slot .It is this feature which causes the top positioned symbols to be toppled and then immediately replaced by the ones that are unused at the reels bottom.

How to win

In order to win in the dual play slot, you need to line up the Diamond logo in one line .This will earn you a jackpot worth 5000 coins. The line bets and the line bets are multiplied. Technically speaking, you will earn even more with bigger bets .The maximum bets with the right combination of pay lines and line wins will give you over 200,000 coins.

There is usually a wild symbol replaces all except the icon for Extra Payline Bonus.

Free spins Bonus

These are utilized in the 20 Extra Paylines .To begins with; you will have 3 extra payline bonus symbols. For a 6-free spin, you will need a 1, 2, 3 combination on the reels. All this time, the 20 paylines become active. If you multiply by the 3 factor combination, you will have a healthy start of 60 pay lines. The 3 Extra Paylines Bonus   on 1, 2, 3 pay lines can always be lead to a retrigger of 6-free spins. This retriggering can go on and on to the point whereby you will have up to 300 spins. This is unbelievably true!

The high stake game

The coin value in the dual slot play can be adjusted starting with 1 coin up to a maximum of 50 coins allowed in one pay line view. The other option is to play the fixed 40 pay lines and in return, you will get 40 coins. This is not a popular option for many players.

Instant play vs. flash mode

One notable aspect of this slot game is that one has two options: instant or flash. Either way, one will choose the option that is most suitable to them depending on whether it is online or land-based.

Two screens

This is a sequel to the earlier Da Vinci Diamonds. Whilst the traditional one came with one screen of 20 paylines, this one comes 2 screens of 20, making it 40 .The 5 reels are shared across the two screens.

The wins and losses are equally divesting; you can win big, but you can also lose big. The game is played in a cascading fashion or what was typically referred to as tumbling reels.

Dual slot play review

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One thing that you will notice with the dual play is that first time players get overwhelmed. It sooner rather than later dawn on them that the game is a no-brainer. You will use the 40-fixed play lines and stack the line bets either high or low.  .


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