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A Review of the Chuzzle Slot Machine Game Online

Slot machine games have found their market like never before. Growing in popularity over the last few years, they have spread around the world. One reason for their success is that they provide a simple idea and then expand upon it in a thousand different ways. There are countless variations and versions of online slot machine games, with each one drawing in a certain demographic. While some video slot machine games attempt to profit of off creating a more nostalgic experience, others provide full narratives and videos in their games while others still stress options, bonuses, and special features that keep you excited. Some still go a little further and attempt to provide a unique experience that is rarely found elsewhere.

Chuzzle Slot Machine game manages to fall into the last category. Offering an experience that can only be described as ‘cute’ and ‘colourful,’ Chuzzle is perfect for those who love bright colours and engaging sounds. Is Chuzzle the right slot machine game for you? Let’s take a moment to find out.

Chuzzle Slots, A Great Fun Game To Play

Chuzzle Slot Machine is a 5-reel slot machine game. You get 3 rows of symbols and a lot of pay lines (20 total.) Bets can be placed at 20p and up. As an interesting graphic, every time you spin the existing special symbols (3 of them) will explode on screen creating a unique visual. The exploding visual tends to sum up the game really well. You get a game that is really colourful to the point of being a little too exuberant. You have very cute circular critters that come in and out. With a lot of noises and visuals that emphasise the childlike quality of the game, it may turn off some. Those who enjoy such games however will find a wonderful experience with Chuzzle Slot Machine.

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Blueprint Gaming Slots Available To Play Online

Blueprint Gaming is responsible for creating Chuzzle Slot Machine. If you know Blueprint Gaming, then you would understand that having a game like Chuzzle for them is nothing new. Blueprint Gaming does a lot with gambling in the UK and EU, focusing heavily on licensing agreements that allow them to use real people and things like music or movies to create themed games. These games, like Chuzzle, are targeted towards specific groups with individual interests. Also responsible for creating simplistic games like Winstar Slot, Blueprint Gaming shows that it can do just about anything with its success with Chuzzle Slot Machine. Be aware however that Chuzzle does not have features typically seen in other Blueprint Games, including the auto-spin option.

Chuzzle Slot Special Features & Bonuses

One feature that sets Chuzzle Slot Machine apart from the competition is that it has 3 different bonus games attached to the slot machine game itself. These bonus games add in colour and variety to the overall gaming experience, creating something that is uniquely engaging. Sound tracks are used for certain events while everything else tends to have noises associated with it. Additional features worth mentioning include the pick-a-win bonus as well as the free spin game. As a final note, the wild symbol is worth 10,000 coins when selected for a 5 on a win-line. This goes down with the less you have on the win line.

As mentioned before, Chuzzle is a game that brings in those who like bright colours and flashy graphics. Game-play wise, expect it to jump around a bit from special features. Definitely a game for those who want something dynamic, Chuzzle Slot Machine will engage you.

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Beginning with the combined score, Chuzzle receives a solid 3 out of 5 stars. While this may seem low at first, it is not too uncommon for themed games to score lower than generic slot machine games that draw in a larger audience. The biggest reason people steered clear of Chuzzle was the same reason why some many love it. It is an experience worth having at least once. It will engage you, potentially overwhelm you, and none-the-less get your attention for at least a little bit.

Game-play wise, consider playing Chuzzle if you want less of the classic slot machine experience and you love bonus content. The mini games offer a lot of variety, improving the range of experience you can have while playing. If other slot machine games seem too limiting, then consider Chuzzle as a fun alternative. While it doesn’t have to be your go to slot machine game, it can still be something you enjoy on occasion.

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