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A Quick Look At The Games And Action At Casumo Casino


With so many gaming platforms out there, it can be challenging to find the right one for you.  Below we help you out with a quick review of the Casumo Casino.

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The Facts And Info


Casumo Casino is based out of Is-Swieqi, Malta.  It is an online casino gaming platform that provides access to 300+ games.  What makes Casumo Casino unique is how it attempts to create a community out of its player base.  This can be seen through their leveling up process that allows individuals to gradually improve the chance of receiving free rewards as well as benefiting from the in-house Reel Races.  Providing a tournament that plays every 30 minutes every day, Casumo Casino comes the closest to making gambling like video game play, where your profile and abilities improve over time.  With a company policy of existing to erase boredom, Casumo Casino is kept light, playful, and energetic both in its company policies as well as their overall aesthetic.


Bonuses & Promotions At Casumo Casino


Casumo Casino offers a 200% bonus for your very first deposit.  After you put in your deposit, you will also get 20 free spins every day for 10 days in a row.  Your 2nd and 3rd deposit will net you a bonus of 50% and your forth and fifth will get you 25% bonus.  All in all, you can get up to $1200 in bonus as well as up to 200 free spins.  Additional bonuses can be seen through their platform leveling system, where individuals improve their profile and increase their chance of getting bonuses in the future.  Simply put, the more you play, the better position you will be in to win.


Gameplay & Experience


Casumo Casino offers an addictive and engaging approach to online gaming where you the player become an avatar that can be levelled up.  For those who like to engage and explore, Casumo offers a lot of exciting opportunity.  While their gaming selection is average for an online gaming platform, they none-the-less keep things interesting through other means.  Casumo Casino provides updates for their gaming platform including new games and general news.  They also provide a great deal of information on who is winning what with a lot of colourful updates.


The platform itself is kept light and colourful.  While perfectly functional, those looking for a more serious online gaming experience may want to look elsewhere.  If you enjoy cartoons, a user interface that pops, and a lot of exciting visuals, then Casumo will be right for you.

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