New Welsh RFU selection policy rules out British Lion

Wales unchanged as they face Engalnd at Twickenham

This week’s introduction by the Welsh RFU of a new selection policy for the National squad as already come up against opposition with the news that British Lion Rhys Webb will not change his mind regarding his 3 year contract with Toulon that starts in the 2018/19 season, even though it now means he is ineligible for selection for Wales.

The new Welsh RFU rule changes, now mean any player wishing to take up a contract outside of Wales, cannot be selected for the national team unless they already have meet the criteria of 60 caps!

Webb has publicly slated the WRU as a ‘disgrace’ over the new rule changes, stating he wasn’t even warned that any policy change was even a possibility.
“It's a joke. I'm disappointed. Representing your country means so much to me and being told I won't be able to play for them is heart breaking.” “I don't know how long it's going to take me to get over it,” said Webb, 28 to the BBC Wales.
Webb’s decision to move was only announced 10 days ago and, he spoken to the WRU regarding his decision to join the Top 14 side, stating a
“fair deal has been found in good faith with regard to its national selection in the interest of both parties”.

He feels the WRU have since broken their word and this week announcing their new selection policy regarding players playing outside of the principality.
This new policy replaces what was commonly known as ‘Gartland’s Law’ which allowed the coach Warren Gartland to select up to four players from clubs outside of Wales, with a reduction to two players from the 2019-20 season.

“I signed for Toulon on the basis if I was playing well I could still be considered. It was still such a tough decision. I felt I had to speak to the Ospreys face to face. It was heartbreaking to tell them.

“No-one had told me [about the policy change]. Not even the Ospreys had mentioned in when I went to see them.”
When asked about if he would try to get released from is contract with Toulon, Webb replied
“My future lies in Toulon. Being picked for Wales is still a dream now. To know that won't be happening again is hurtful, it's genuinely just upsetting.”

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