Former London Marathon winner suspended by Athletic Integrity Unit.

Two time, London Marathon winner Wilson Kipsang has been provisionally suspended and charged with ‘Whereabout failures’ and tampering’ by the Athletics Integrity unit (AIU).

The 37 year old who is currently ranked the sixth fastest runner in history with his personal best of two hours, three minutes and 13 seconds was a bronze medal winner at the London 2012 Olympic games and has record wins at the Berlin, New York and Tokyo Marathons is now barred from competing until his hearing as taken place.

Under anti doping regulations all chosen Athletes have to inform testing authorities of their ‘whereabouts’ for a one hour window everyday, they are allowed three failures in a 12 month period with a single failure identified as not being present at the said time or filing inaccurate or incomplete information. On notification of a third failure an automatic ban is put into place.

His suspension was confirmed by the AIU which was founded by the World Athletics board to combat the issue of doping back in 2017 confirmed Kipsang’s suspensions following three failures.

On the announcement of the charges and the pending hearing the runners management Volare Sports has stressed that their client has not failed a Drugs test and that “”No prohibited substance was found.”
They continued to say;

“The accusation regarding alleged/attempted tampering concerns an explanation that was given in the results management process regarding a possible Whereabouts Failure and does not concern tampering with a doping test itself.”

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