Could Ronaldo be on is way out of Real Madrid?

Late penalty gives Real Madrid a get out of Jail free card

A lot of talk over the weekend is about the current World Player of the Year Ronaldo and the Will he? Won’t he stay? Following the allegations of ‘massive Tax fraud’ the Spanish Government accused him off last week!

Sources close to the Portuguese and Real Madrid Captain, who is currently leading his country in the FIFA Confederations Cup, say the star now wants to leave Spain after the accusation made the front-page news all over the country last week.
The 32-year-old only signed a new Five-year deal with Real Madrid during last season, which helps him become the world’s Highest paid athlete, and has since lead his team to La Ligue and Champions League glory, while his two goals in the champions league final took his club goal scoring record to 406 in 394 appearances.

Obviously, this kind of news sent reporters into a frenzy with news of where the Best Player on the Planet would be playing next season! odds are he will most likely still be at Real Madrid, as his 1 billion-euro (£874.88m) buyout clause would be a massive issue even for Europe’s wealthiest clubs.

If he was to leave the Bernabeu, the Chinese super league teams might be willing to spend that kind of money, however Ronaldo has a few years left and would be more interested in staying in Europe. One destination would be a dream return to Old Trafford and Manchester United where he made his name, before joining Real Madrid in 2009 for a then World Record £80m.

Another major factor thought to be allowing Real Madrid to think about releasing their Captain is the emergence of Monaco’s teenager prodigy Kylian Mbappe and should Ronaldo leave, even for a fraction of his buyout clause, it is believed Zinedine Zandan already sees Mbappe as a long-term replacement for his captain so would be able to use any transfer fee towards tempting the young French man to la Ligue.

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