Best sports betting providers in New Jersey

New Jersey sports betting providers

The popularity of sports betting exploded in New Jersey in the last few years, putting the Garden State on the country’s gambling map, alongside Nevada. This wasn’t an easy feat, though. The State sued the National Collegiate Athlete Association (NCAA), resulting in a historic decision by the Supreme Court when it overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, ushering a new era of legal sports betting and online gambling in New Jersey.

The State was always a step ahead in promoting iGaming, and revenue from online gambling has been consistently overshadowing land-based casinos. In 2019 alone, New Jersey generated $4.5 billion in iGaming revenue, a huge step-up compared to most of its neighbours.

An Amateur’s Handbook to NJ Online Gambling

In an era when we use the smartphone for everything from ordering food at home to booking travel tickets, using an online sportsbook makes the most sense. A well-designed mobile platform not only saves time, but reduces effort, and offers flexibility like never before. Most sportsbooks today design their platforms with a smartphone-first approach, keeping the evolving needs of the tech-savvy patrons in mind.

By allowing online operators to thrive, NJ accomplished two goals. One, keeping up with changing trends, and two, filling up the State coffers by taxing the proceeds. New Jersey online casinos offer tons of bonuses and freebies to gamers. While sometimes, these come in the form of free bet credit or contest. Other times the operators offer boosted odds, which trigger larger pay-outs on certain events.

The Legal Limitations of New Jersey Sports Betting and iGaming

The State’s rapid rise to the peak of American sports betting has a lot to do with a free-market approach the authorities took while drafting the Law. Unlike most states with legal implications on remotely signing up on online casinos, New Jersey residents are free to register on any legal iGaming website. Locals don’t have to be physically present at a retail sportsbook or casino for ID verification. The experience is entirely digital.

Players, however, need to share their active geolocation at all times while engaging in online sports wagering or iGaming services. This isn’t a hurdle considering most modern Android or  iOS devices have GPS constantly running in the background. However, desktop users might have to download a compatible software directly from their sportsbook of choice.

Out-of-town visitors can also partake in NJ gambling, as you don’t need to be a resident to bet online. Players only need to be physically located within the State’s boundaries at the time of online wagering. The minimum age requirement for participating in any form of online or offline gambling activities in New Jersey is 21-years. The operators verify your age from any Government-approved ID at the time of registration.

Payment and withdrawal policies vary with individual operators, although the process is generally hassle-free. Most casinos accept all forms of digital payments, including wire transfer, credit or debit cards, and sometimes cryptocurrencies. However, it’s a good idea to double-check with your sportsbook/casino operator at the time of registration.

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