Andy Murray in good spirits after undergoing Hip surgery

Former world and british number one has today announced he has undergone hip resurfacing surgery yesterday in London in a bid to continue his career if only for one last tournament.

The 31 year old had recently announced he had plans to retire from the sport at some point in 2019 preferably after one more crack at Wimbledon. The three time grand Slam champion has been suffering for the past 18 months with a recurring Hip problem which has restricted him to a handful of tournaments during that time.

His latest was the Australian Open in which he lost his first round tie to Roberto Baustista Agut and hinted afterwards that he may finish his career then. However, on an interview shortly afterwards the two time Olympic champion brought up the possibility of undergoing more surgery, but not to extent his career, he said;

” there is a strong possibility I won't come back and play after an operation. I want to play tennis, but not with the hip I have right now, surgery on his hip would mean “my quality of life would be better”.
“Just going to walk my dogs, playing football with my friends, is the worst thing I can think of doing,” he said.

“I hate it because it's so sore and it's uncomfortable. Waiting another five or six months to do something like that is just another period where I'm really uncomfortable.”

However, yesterday the Scot seemed back to his witty self as he posted on Social media an x ray picture of his Hip accompanied with;

“I have a metal hip. Feeling a bit battered and bruised but hopefully that will be the end of my hip pain.”

Only 12 months after his last bout of hip surgery Murray has undergone another operation this time round that Consultant orthopaedic surgeon and clinical director of the Manchester Hip clinic describes as involving a “smoothing down of the ball, then covering it with a metal cap” before adding;

      “Then a layer of metal is placed within the pelvic socket in which it sits”

Weather we see Murray on the courts in a competitive match is yet to be decided, he will surly work hard over the next five months to be fit for Wimbledon, whoever with only one other player ever returning from an operation like this to play doubles tennis, time will only tell where his career goes from here.

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