Birdz Slot Game

Birdz Slot Game

Get the Inside Scoop on the Birdz Slot Machine


The Birdz Slot Machine is fun online video game which simulates casino slots action. It's a game which was created by Games Warehouse and it's got a silly and lighthearted bird theme which is very appealing. When you choose this popular game, you'll access a host of exciting bonus features, as well as a design which is very innovative and appealing.

As well, you'll be primed to access big cash prizes which are instant. Today, we'd like to give you the inside scoop on this interesting and unique video slots game.

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This Game is Something Special


Lots of video slots games seem just the same. This one has been developed with care in order to be different from the rest. It's got a great look and all of the right game features. When you start the game for the first time, you'll notice how vivid and fresh it looks. As well, you'll probably really enjoy its cartoon-style graphics. They have the cartoon look, without being too simple or basic.

You'll spot a trio of lines of birds which rest on top of wires which stretch out between a couple of telegraph poles. These birds aren't static. They are symbols which flap, chirp, shuffle and move around a lot. They are designed to be very noticeable.

When it's time to spin your reels, you'll find that this slots game functions quite a bit differently from other ones. The reels don't spin the way that they usually do. Check out the game's backdrop. When you do, you'll see a peaceful blue sky. Sometimes, a plane or hot air balloon will drift into view. Once you click on the “spin” button, the birds will start flying off. When they come back, they'll roost in a formation.

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Enjoy a More Creative Slots Experience


This game is a fun new spin on traditional slots and it's very creative. It's an interesting choice for those who are looking to move beyond the typical format. As well, you'll find that it's visually thrilling. It's fun to watch the birds fly and then fly back. This is a beautiful game and the makers of Birdz Slot Machine definitely provide a lot of exceptional design. They've worked hard to make this innovative slots video game stand out.

Feature-packed to the max, this game even features changes in the weather. For example, during game play, the sky will sometimes change color and there may even be lightning strikes. The birds will flee the wire and come back shortly. If your game isn't a winning one, the birds will do the fly away and return again and again, until you are a winner.

As well, this game has a bonus feature and there are a couple of variants. The bonus is a shotgun bonus and you'll know it when you see it! A shotgun will appear and prepare to shoot at the flock on the wire. Another bonus is the Zap bonus, whereby the birds take a hit for your sake. One line of the three will be electrocuted. The birds on that row will disappear and the birds above them will come down to fill the empty spaces. New birds will flutter down and fill the top row.

This new group of birds will grant you more chances to win! Now that you know more about this game, why not try it today?


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