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Beach Life Slot Titan Casino


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Titan Casino’s Beach Life progressive jackpot is growing out of control. That ticker just doesn’t seem to stop climbing. We were astonished a couple of weeks ago when it went over €3.7 million. But it just keeps increasing.


The thing is, someone has got to win it soon. In fact, oddly enough, the odds are actually in your favor to win the multi-million euro jackpot, at this point. Why you ask? Simple. It’s a matter of stats. The longer it goes un-won, the closer it is to being won! Sound confusing? It’s not. Keep in mind:

* The Beach Life jackpot total usually reaches $1-2 million before it is won

* The prior Beach Life record win was $4.8 million

* In terms of frequency, the Beach Life jackpot is generally won every 126 days

* It has now been over 200 days since the last big win

So what does that mean to you? Well it doesn’t take a math expert to figure it out.

This is the time to take advantage of the exceptionally good odds to win our biggest prize yet.

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