1 Million Monopoly Slot Machine

1 million monopoly slot game

£1 Million Monopoly Slot Machine Review


£1 Million Monopoly Slot Machine

If you are interested in many options for big prizes, but also in the simplicity of games, this is the Monopoly slot for you. Three possible game sets, with remarkable properties from the original board game, familiar icons, and dice rolls, can actually win you up to £1 Million, so there is no wonder that the title is bringing up that possibility. This slot game has been designed by Inchinn, which gives you an option to win some real money and not just imaginary coins. Numerous game options are not changing the simplicity of the whole slot, so if you are in for some quick bucks and instant wins, you found the right Monopoly slot variation. The prizes are very generous giving the fact that the whole setting tends to as minimalistic as possible. Mobile phone players will be thrilled with this slot.

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Giving the fact that there are no spinning reels, hidden Bonus wheels or games, this slot is has a very engaging interaction with the user, since the icons glow and make a sound only when the player selects them. Also, Mr. Monopoly rubs his mustaches once your cursor goes near him, and straightens up, which is an excellent detail. This implicates the importance of players movement, which is great. The cars separate once they are selected, dices shake and figures too, making catchy sounds appropriate to the icon, inviting to play. The figures are substituted with Monopoly money once you decide to play the particular game, is a great addition as well. The only thing that should be changed in this rather simple, yet so appealing Monopoly slot is the background of the entire slot. The primary color that has been chosen is rather dull compared to all the flashy possibilities available to you in this casino game. Maybe this was the intention of the creators – not to distract from the game with any additions, but putting the accent on all the fantastic icons that can win you some serious prizes. There is no paytable, which is minus. You can only find an explanation about the game beneath the specific segment, that is no longer than one sentence. There is an additional chance to win some bucks, but it is very irrelevant if compared with other games available in the same slot. It is understandable that the slot is simplistically oriented, but it sure needs some improvements.

Gameplay, features and bonuses

There are three sets of games and one bonus chance (wordplay intentional). The first set consists of 6 rows containing three property cards with the names of already iconic streets like Piccadilly, The Angel Islington, Strand, and others. The rules for winning are simple – match three symbols and win a cash prize. What is unique about this game is its maximal payout, which is the incredible £1 Million. The middle match has three sets of rolling dice, each having a prize hiding behind it. The third set has a row less than the first game, but the central role here have the iconic Monopoly figures, hiding the Monopoly money which can bring you some real cash. Even though there are just five rows, you have 15 chances to claim the easy prizes. Last, but not least, the Chance button is hiding a bonus, with the greatest one coming along with finding Mr. Monopoly that is out there somewhere.

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Final Words

£1 Million Monopoly slot is for the ones that love the simple, instant wins and quick cash-outs. There are a lot of chances to win, many games to choose from, and this will not disappoint you if you are in for an instant treat. The prizes are impressive; the games bring a lot of joy and lot of cash, so feel free to check it out.

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